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At The Zign Premium Villa Pattaya, we understand that your dog and cat are just as much a part of the family as other members. We are thrilled to be a pet-friendly hotel in Pattaya and welcome dog and cat in selected villa. In order to ensure that all of your visits will be an enjoyable one, we would like to ask our guests travelling with their four-legged friend sign the policy below upon check-in.

Rules & Regulations

  • Show evidence of rabies vaccination of all dogs and cats and agree to let staff to check dogs or cats prior to check-in.
  • Baht 2,000 security deposit per room, if there is no damage at check out. The hotel will refund the security deposit in full.
  • The weight of a dog or cat that can stay up to 10 kilograms. If overweight, there will be an additional charge of Baht 500 per dog per night.
  • In case of taking the dog out of the room, put it on a leash or put it in a bag every time.
  • The hotel does not provide mattresses for your pets, the customer must prepare the dog's or cat’s bed by your own.
  • If the dog or cat excretes in the common area or hotel corridor, the customers must keep it clean and tidy. The hotel will have a bag for the excrement of the pets which available for the service at various points.
  • The hotel does not allow dogs or cats to be left alone in the room. Failure to comply will have to pay a fine of Baht 1,000.
  • The hotel does not provide food for dogs or cats. Guests must bring their own.
  • The hotel provides towels for dogs and cats in the room. Therefore, towels for guest are not allowed to be shared with dogs and cats.
  • The hotel does not allow dogs and cats to swim in the pool or in the stream.
  • The owner of the dog or cat is responsible for all damages that may occur from your dog or cat.
  • We request for your cooperation to clean the feet of the dog and cat every time before entering the room. The hotel will prepare wet tissues in the room.
  • The hotel is not responsible if the dog or cat dies while staying at the hotel in any case.
  • Telephone numbers of nearby veterinary animal clinics.
    o North Pattaya Animal Hospital, open 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Number 038-416869
    o Pattaya Veterinary, open 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Number 038-423410
    o Thonglor Pet Hospital Pattaya, open 24 hours, number 038-423078
  • Additional Fee for bringing the second dog or cat to stay will be charged at Baht 500 per pet per night.
  • Dog-friendly rooms are Villa – Pet Friendly Room.
  • Dogs of 4 breeds are not allowed to stay: Thai Ridgeback, Bang Kaew, Rottweiler and Pitbull.