The Scarlet

thezignhotel : The Scarlet

SCARLET This seafood restaurant is located amidst the poolside and shoreline atmospheres.Its interior design is emphasised by the theme of natural art with tropical colours. Its signature dishes are of a* la carte menu of Mediterranean cuisine.In addition,at the Scarlet,not only will diners explore the culinary whim of this eating venue’s world gastronomy that includes Asian specialty,Australian steaks,along with BBQ buffet dinner grilled to perfection,they will also be able to enjoy the sunset over drinks offered by its alfresco dining.The Scarelet also features to host a private party of up to 200 guests upon request.This place is considered a paradise for all seafood lovers.

Service hours: 11:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.  Location: Separate premises by the pool and seaside